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The DM Helper will act as your in-game assistance, your dungeon master’s swiss army knife if you will, taking care of the administrative tasks and allowing you to focus on your players, the narrative, and the fun!

The DM Helper version 1.6 is now officially available with new user interface integrations to help decrease clutter and increase ease of use, and full Mac OS support! Furthermore there have been several improvements on prior features including full importing of characters from D&D Beyond.

 Specific Release Notes

  • Mac OS support is now officially up-to-date with version 1.6 from prior releases, including all features, including animated maps! Through the updates our focus on supporting MacOS support has been sacrificed for the sake of innovation of new features in DMH. Starting in 1.6 we will be recommitting to catching MacOS up, and remaining up to date with all future releases
  • The battle view is now integrated into the main application window to decrease clutter and increase ease of use. This means less alt+tab and more focus on what’s important
  • New ‘camera’ view inside battle view for more control over exactly what you want your players to see and when you want them to see it.
  • Full D&D Beyond integration with the ability to resync updated information, no more “oops, looks like it didn’t import my AC correctly.”
  • New improvements the campaign tree interface by giving an option to hide it away giving you a wider battle and map view for when you need it.

 Key Features of the DM Helper

  •  A two window system created for displaying and editing for the dungeon master, and a ‘Player Window’ to display only what you wish for the players to see; NPC images, maps, battles, item images, etc.The ‘Player Window’ can be used on an external monitor or shared via streaming tools for full flexibility in whatever situation you need
  • Fully functioning tabletop-like combat via our battle view which includes an initiative tracker, player/NPC/monster tokens, hit point tracking, damage tracking, and area of effect spell effects that offer a saving throw rolls and damage for all targets hit
  • Full Map visualization of static or animated maps.That means editable fog of war, panning, different tools to zoom in on specific details, and a pointer to highlight individual points on the map
  • A detailed bestiary, pre-filled with all open-source SRD monsters, with the ability to add your own custom monsters, monster images, and monster stats!
  • A campaign structure to easily break down and organize your campaign into adventures, encounters, maps, locations, party members and NPCs. No more cluttered notes, and desk space!
  • A quick reference to all combat actions, conditions, environmental conditions, and movement actions; basically a DM cheat sheet that can easily accessed!
  • Editable reference, and custom, tables including all SRD equipment, and available to add all your homebrew items and tables! This even includes a random marketplace inventory generator!
  • A fully configurable campaign clock for tracking time and day throughout your adventures, got an NPC who only has 4 years left to live? Perfect, you’ll make sure his patron takes his life just on time!
  • Import/Export every item of DM Helper from your characters to maps to encounters between campaigns, or even import full adventures with all the bells and whistles into your existing campaign!
  • Configurable Calendar (community request): define the calendar for your campaign to be something other than the traditional Gregorian calendar


You can get the DM Helper for free from the following portals:




Need to contact us for some reason? Do you have a great idea that you think belongs in DM Helper? Great! You can reach out to us in any of the following channels! We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much for using DM Helper, we are so glad that we can and will be able to bring you DM Helper as a free tool for all those who need their own personal DM assistant to help them run their game! If you would like to support us in our efforts to continually improve and expand,the best way to help us is by continuing to give us valuable feedback and spreading the word. Below are our social media links where you can tag us and like us for updated information and sharing us to all your friends!

If you want to contribute more than just being valued member of the community you’re always welcome to support us via Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/dmhelper/


Many thanks to the following people for allowing us to use their amazing artwork and maps for our documentation! We highly recommend that you check out their work and support them in every way possible!

Our Core Team
Green Tentacle
Snuggly Wuggums
... and all of our other great Discord community members!

Background images and character images donated by: 
Rixt Heerschop
Artist & Illustrator

Maps donated by:
Alex van der Aa


Feature Improvements
Furthermore, thanks to the following community members for their ideas, requests and recommendations to help us make the DM Helper as good as possible!

  • Cricketot (https://www.reddit.com/user/Cricketot) for the Random Marketplace inspiration and algorithm
  • NutritiousCookie for the improvements to the Player's Window (rotation still to come!)
  • anomalystic777 for the customizable calendars and reference tables
  • Thanks to Alex (https://www.reddit.com/user/wurschtbrotwilli) for the original Python-based inspiration for the Translate Text menu

... and many more for their chats and wise words on Reddit, Discord or the other clever corners of the Internet

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